Point Breeze was founded in 1881 as a private men’s sailing club on the shores of Webster Lake (also known as Lake Chargoggagoggmanchaugagoggchaubunagungamaugg). At the turn of the century Point Breeze became a showcase for weekend exhibitions and entertainment for all of Worcester County. During the “Roaring ’20s” Point Breeze Pavilion welcomed regional businesses for their summer outings. Employees would feast on Shore Dinners and local snap- ping turtle soup while enjoying softball, swimming and bowling. For the next fifty years the Gawle family operated Point Breeze as a seasonal function facility  catering to area businesses, weddings and  a daily restaurant serving the general public.  Since the 1980's The Dupont Family has added many amenities bringing us into the 21st Century.
Through the years the buildings and grounds have changed but the Point Breeze facility has always remained in business making it one of the few restaurants to serve the public the entire 20th Century.
Today, Point Breeze on Webster Lake is a year-round full service seafood restaurant, destination function facility and entertainment venue offering lakeside wedding ceremonies, outdoor deck dining, holiday buffets and commu- nity sponsored events. We provide a panoramic lakeview, great food and always friendly service making us the place where families meet. 

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